“Wedding Vows” Nino Nakano💖🦋[The Quintessential Quintuplets] (2250×4000)

“Wedding Vows” Nino Nakano💖🦋[The Quintessential Quintuplets] (2250×4000)

Anime News:

The previously announced third season of Dropkick on My Devil! gives fans a little injection of warmth on a cold Winter's day by announcing that the series will continue in Summer 2022. Manga creator Yukiwo drew an illustration of Jashin-chan and Yurine striking a fighting pose to reveal the date. Summon it past the jump!

Film production and distribution company Toho announced an anime movie based on A.F. Harrold's The Imaginary novel Wednesday, revealing the main staff, a teaser trailer and teaser visual (pictured). The movie, titled Yaneura no Rudger (Rudger in the Attic), is scheduled to open i...

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